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Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts at Skin Care Treatment and Anti-Aging Med Spa in Coquitlam, BC

I am looking for a facial treatment that will do more for my skin then the typical spa facial. You are a medical spa do you have a facial that will address dull skin, oily spots, dry spot, large pores and of course some sun damage without me having to spend hundreds of dollars? I know I am asking a lot but I am hoping you can point me the right direction. I need to be spruced up for the Holidays!

Well, as a matter of fact we’ve got just the facial for YOU! We have a treatment known as the Hydra- Facial, it was recently featured on “The Doctor’s” television show and our clients have been giving it rave reviews as well. It is another exciting “Exclusive” treatment that we offer and the one facial that works with all skin types. New micro-suctioning removes the dull dead skin while serums hydrate, deep clean and put essential vitamins back into the skin. It is a new & revolutionary way from the old microdermabrasion and it does so much more. Hydrating and clearing congestion & trapped impurities – it leaves you looking refreshed and revitalized in less than one hour. It sounds like just what you are looking for and it is under 200.00!

I was looking into cosmetic hair removal treatment programs on my legs and underarms. What’s with all the different hair removal lasers? Is the IPL a good laser system? Help…

Confusion about laser hair removal abounds… and, there’s a reason some businesses like all that confusion. It prevents them from having to invest in a real laser system. IPL stands for intense pulsed light and it is not a laser system at all. The real gold-standard for “laser” hair removal operates at .810 NM nano meters. To reach the necessary dermal depth to kill hair follicles, a premium system will have a “cooling” treatment tip. Otherwise, the client’s skin suffers from excessive discomfort due to “burning.” Most (but not all) of the leading offices that offer hair removal with real lasers also have an onsite physician that directs and oversees all treatment plans conducted. So it is important to do your homework and know the right questions to ask when searching for laser hair removal. At Ageless 3.0 we took a great deal of time and did a lot of research to find the most effective and safe hair removal laser on the marketing giving superior results without the high risks & discomfort.